Executive Summary

The Williams Hudson Bay Farm is located in Umatilla County, Oregon directly adjacent the Washington-Oregon border 15 miles SW of Walla Walla, Washington. The farm is comprised of 3062 FSA organic cropland acres and a heifer cattle feedlot certified for 8000 head on feed. Twenty eight crops have been grown on 2750 tillable acres of the Williams Farm over the past five years with primary crops including organic spring and winter wheat, corn grain, corn silage, and mixed forages. Secondary rotational crops include organic edible beans, alfalfa seed, peas, barley, and canola. Higher value specialty crops include organic pumpkins, squash, and melons with organic potato and onion production available for the rotation. The Williams Farm includes a 6.3 acre vineyard on the south slope of the property with air drainage and soil characteristics suitable for up to 100 acres of vineyard expansion.

Elevation ranges from approximately 520 feet on the valley floor to just over 950 feet on the south hills. The Williams Farm has extensive water rights including surface water from the Hudson Bay District Improvement Company. The water rights provide for 2545 acres of primary irrigation and 4675 acres of supplemental irrigation. The interconnected irrigation system serves all tillable acres through pivot and hand line systems. The majority of cropland acres have both surface and ground water rights available.

The Williams Farm cattle feedlot provides a connected market to deliver organic forages, including double crop mixed forages, produced on the cropland acres. The feedlot also provides organic fertilizer to support the organic crop production. This integrated operations create a unique structure for the Williams Farm to produce multiple crops from each acre annually while building fertility and soil health required for successful organic production.

Property Highlights

  • 3,300+ acre organic farm
  • Long growing season
  • Sustainable irrigation water
  • Diversity of high-quality crops
  • Located near Walla Walla, WA

Interactive Map

Below is an interactive map of the Williams Hudson Bay property in Umatilla County, Oregon. There are several layers to the map that can be turned on and off using the layer tool at the right. Feel free to zoom in and out as well, and explore the different aspects of this vast property.


Property Highlight Video

Soil Quality, Water Rights, Animal Operations

Organic Farming, Labor Retention

Bob’s Red Mill Commercial

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In Cooperation With

Harry Seely
Water Resources & Permitting Consultant
WestWater Research, LLC

Stuart Turner, CPAg #02575, CCA
Certified Professional Agronomist & Certified Crop Advisor
Turner & Co., Inc.

Richard Rupp, Ph.D
Geospatial Consultant
Palouse Geospatial

Alan Busacca, Ph.D
Certified Professional Soil Scientist 24928 & Washington Licensed Geologist
Vinitas Consultants, LLC

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